We have several kits to choose from to fit any budget. There are many different "right" ways to brew beer. The most popular methods for Homebrewers are:
  • Single Stage - The wort is fermented in, aged in, and bottled from one vessel which has enough headspace to allow for the foaming. Simple, low initial startup cost, disadvantages are plastic fermenter, no sediment removal, and inconvenience during bottling.
  • Blowoff - The wort is fermented in a glass carboy which is filled to the neck. This causes the foam along with undesirable "stuff" to blow out the blowoff hose.
  • 2-Stage - With this method the fermentation is begun in a bucket or carboy which is large enough to contain the foaming. After the foam has subsided the beer is racked to the secondary fermenter (usually a glass carboy). This allows the beer to age and clear after removal from the sediment "stuff".
All of our Starter Kits include ingredients for your first batch. You get your choice of any 17.99 priced can of malt and a 2.5 lb. bag of corn sugar. While the kits come with corn sugar which can be used as a brewing adjunct as well as for priming, we recommend that you replace the corn sugar with malt to make an all malt beer (See Recipe Profiles)